Recommended Reading

What is classical education? 

“A Classical Education for Modern Times” by Terrence Moore

Common Core, Common Sense” by Daniel Coupland

“Limits of the Trivium” by Terrence Moore

What is the role of a teacher in a classical school? How is teaching classically different from teaching in a typical school? 

What’s So Great About Teachers? – Louise Cowan, Dallas Morning News

Teachers are the representatives of culture who to hand on the virtues and wisdom of a civilization to the next generation. 

The School of Trust, by Ian Lindquist, National Affairs

On the importance of establishing trust between teachers and students, students and school, and between faculty.

Principles of Instruction: Research-Based Strategies Every Teacher Should Know, by Barak Rosenshine, American Educator

What is the classical education movement? 

Classical Schools in Modern America, by Ian Lindquist, National Affairs

Recent overview of the classical education situation in America. Includes a brief history, explains the landscape, and the author’s thoughts on the matter. 

A Time to Build Schools, by Daniel E. Burns, The Public Discourse

Our nation’s morally formative institutions are weak and weakening further, thanks in no small part to the enormously destructive effects of social media. The single type of institution best suited to resist these and other pressures of our times is the mission-driven, tech-skeptical K–12 school. The successes of our best countercultural colleges and universities, viewed in the light of Yuval Levin’s invaluable work on the nature of institutions, show us how the incentive structures of an excellent K–12 school make it the formative institution our time needs most.

Classical Education: The Movement Sweeping America, by Gene Edward Veith, Jr. and Andrew Kern

How does technology negatively affect students, and why are classical schools so careful about how they incorporate technology in the classroom?

Silicon Valley Execs Get Your Kids Hooked On Their Gadgets, But Not Their Kids, by Jessica Burk, The Federalist

Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?, Jean Twenge, The Atlantic

The Digital Gap Between Rich and Poor Kids Is Not What We Expected, by Nellie Bowles, New York Times