Learning the Ukelele in 8th Grade Music

This afternoon, our 8th graders practiced transitions between ukelele chords in Mr. Stiglich’s Music class. In the upper school, fine arts education includes theory and appreciation, but also practice. A student who completes the Core Knowledge music curriculum can read music, compose his or her own songs, sing, and play the recorder and ukulele.

Ballroom Dancing in Grammar School PE

October 2017 In PE, Coach White and Coach Jones are teaching ballroom dancing to our students. A couple of weeks ago I watched from the bleachers as each of our our 5th grade boys confidently and politely asked a girl to dance, then led her on to the floor. Our girls learned how to accept… Continue reading Ballroom Dancing in Grammar School PE

On the Sciences in Classical Education

Dear parents, Students and parents new to classical education are often led astray by the misconception that a classical school emphasizes the humanities over the sciences. At Founders we believe that a true classical school must provide a well-rounded education, and that in teaching students to pursue knowledge the pursuit of knowledge and mathematical knowledge… Continue reading On the Sciences in Classical Education

Our Phonics Program and Homework in K-6th

Dr. O’Toole’s Welcome Address Grammar School Curriculum Night September 2016 Welcome to our third year. Our little school has come so far since our founding in 2014, and I am looking forward to building further upon the strong foundation we have laid together. Tonight I’d like to talk with you about the Riggs program, which… Continue reading Our Phonics Program and Homework in K-6th