Class of 2018 College Acceptances and Scholarships So Far

Students from the Class of 2018, our second graduating class, have been accepted to colleges and universities across the country, and, as of today, have earned $2,519,380 in scholarships. This number represents the scholarship funding our 28 students from the senior class have been offered over four years of college from all of the schools… Continue reading Class of 2018 College Acceptances and Scholarships So Far

What’s with the arrows and the bubbles?

Explaining things to very young Kindergarteners requires a special talent. I learned from Mrs. Rariden that when you are talking to five year olds, rather than saying "please have a seat," you have to say "please make sure your bottom is on the chair, your feet are on the ground, and your head is facing… Continue reading What’s with the arrows and the bubbles?

Singing the National Anthem at All-School Assembly

Once a month all of our students and teachers gather in the gym for an all-school assembly. We often enjoy a performance, recognize students' achievements, or discuss our school virtues. No matter what we're doing in all school assembly, we always begin the same way: with pledges to the American flag and the Texas flag… Continue reading Singing the National Anthem at All-School Assembly

Mathletes Sweep TCSAAL Math Olympiad

Last year, we sent one team of four high school students to compete in the TCSAAL math olympiad. They won regionals and state. They had the idea that wearing colorful bowties would intimidate the competition. I guess they were right. After securing the victory, they posed as Archers for their victory shot, with their coach… Continue reading Mathletes Sweep TCSAAL Math Olympiad

College Acceptances for the Class of 2018

Our seniors have begun hearing back from colleges, and on Friday afternoon we gathered in the foyer to continue the tradition of adding a blue pin to the class map each time an college acceptance comes in. When students have chosen their college a red pin is added. Click here to see the Class of… Continue reading College Acceptances for the Class of 2018

Resources for Latin Students in 6th-12th

Our curriculum requires students to study Latin I, Latin II, and Latin III. Students typically complete Latin III at the end of 9th grade, and from there they may go on to study advanced Latin or another language in the high school. To see how our students are introduced to Latin and learn a little… Continue reading Resources for Latin Students in 6th-12th

Alumni Return for a Visit with the High School Students

This week members of the Class of 2017 returned to campus to talk with upper school students about what life is like after college, and how Founders prepared them for the academic rigors of being an undergraduate. Students asked them all sorts of questions. Here are some of the lessons our alums had to share:… Continue reading Alumni Return for a Visit with the High School Students

Our Visit from Hillsdale College

October 17, 2017 Dear Founders Classical Academy Community, Here we are in the beginning of our fourth year as a school. It is a joyful time to be associated with Founders Classical Academy. As I walk the halls and visit classrooms each day I am filled with pride in our students and our community. I… Continue reading Our Visit from Hillsdale College