End of Year Thoughts

"Despite all their time in study, our students’ worlds are not limited to books and math equations. In our schools, students are presented with such a wide array of topics that open their minds and hearts to appreciate so many disciplines. In art, they learn the skills of drawing, painting, and charcoal. In choir, they learn rhythms, harmonies, and the works of master composers."

The Day Before a Break

With everyone’s minds on the family gatherings, vacation trips, or general time of relaxation so near at hand, it is especially hard to keep students’ attention and interest in class materials. However, we don’t want to waste the precious minutes we have with our students and make school that day feel like a waste for both you and them. So, what can be done to make the day productive? 

Lancelot Plays Football

One of my favorite features of the Hillsdale College-affliated schools is that there is an equal focus on teachers educating both the minds and the hearts of their students.  The curriculum we teach is ripe with opportunities to discuss virtue and how the choices of different people affect their lives and the lives of those… Continue reading Lancelot Plays Football