Tried and True: A Primer on Sound Pedagogy

At its core, Hillsdale College is a teaching institution, and the mission of the K-12 Education Office is to teach others about the core principles of excellent K-12 education, especially in the areas of governance, leadership, curriculum, pedagogy, and school culture. There are many ways we pursue this goal, one of which is the K-12 Program Guide.

The K-12 Program Guide, a comprehensive scope and sequence for all subjects and grades was developed and is updated every year through a collaboration among members of the K-12 Office, Hillsdale College faculty advisors, and master teachers across our network of K-12 schools. This resource, available to every teacher in Hillsdale-affiliated Member Schools and Curriculum Schools. But more than great curriculum is required to bring about excellent classical education this hinges on the quality of the teacher.

We believe that teaching is an art, not a science. This craft takes years to develop and is always being honed and refined. We are proud to present to you Tried and True: A Primer on Sound Pedagogy by Dr. Daniel Coupland. Dr. Coupland serves as the Dean of the Graduate School of Classical Education, as the Chairman of the Education Department, and as one of our K-12 faculty advisors here at Hillsdale College.

Dr. Coupland has been in the education world for nearly three decades, teaching at the K-12 level, the college level, and the graduate level. He is an excellent teacher of teachers. He draws on the practical wisdom he was given at the onset of his career, history, philosophy, and literature, in addition to common sense, to compile the fourteen best practices presented in Tried and True, intending to “establish a baseline for good – or sound – pedagogy.” (Introduction, Tried and True) He succeeds in providing clear, brief, and bold advice for the up-and-coming teacher.

While intended primarily for a new teacher, this book offers advice to experienced educators along with anyone in a leadership position.

“This short book would benefit any mother, classroom teacher, Sunday School teacher, homeschool parent, book club leader, garden club chairman, Trail Life club leader, or any other of the thousands of pursuits in which one is a leader and teacher of others.”

-Joy Pullman, The Federalist

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