Pictures from Our Latest School Tour

We are just back in Hillsdale after visiting four of our affiliated schools. What a trip! Seeing Northwest Ohio Classical Academy, Golden View Classical Academy, Ascent Classical Academy of Douglas County, and Treasure Valley Classical Academy at work was encouraging. Schools across the country are bearing such heavy burdens this year, and with school leaders and teachers carrying the weight, students are learning and thriving and these schools are carrying out our mission day after day. 

Congratulations to Golden View Classical Academy for winning the 2019-2020 Salvatori Prize for Excellence in Teaching. Here’s Dr. O’Toole (8 months pregnant!) joined by Dr. David Diener, Headmaster of Hillsdale Academy and Mrs. Rebecca Lincoln from the Barney Charter School Initiative, presenting the award to Headmaster Dr. Garrow.
Students at Treasure Valley Classical Academy practice Singapore math with manipulatives always at the ready.
Treasure Valley Classical Academy is housed in a beautiful old school building. The auditorium still has the original wooden seats!
At Northwest Ohio Classical Academy, Mrs. Howell is a veteran teacher of over 30 years. She came out of retirement to teach 2nd Grade. She has such a soft voice and a gentle way with the students, and they hand on her every word. Her orthography lesson was amazing to see, and she went right into a science lesson afterward without students missing a beat.