Education at home for working parents

These days, almost all parents are homeschooling parents. But how can we do a good job with our children’s education amidst all of our other responsibilities, especially those of us working from home?

Joy Pullman is the executive editor of The Federalist, the author of this list of classic children’s books to read at home, and the mother of five. In the latest episode of Hillsdale’s K-12 Classical Education podcast, she tackles the challenge of classical education at home for working parents.

How can we provide for our children’s education without resorting to screen time first thing in the morning? What can we do to put structure into our days, even when we’re spending them all at home? How can we help our children work independently?

Check out the podcast for all this and more, including how a simple timer can be the end to whining and nagging and how the audiobook may be your new secret tool to getting work done.