Behind the Scenes at Our Latest Filming Project

Here at the Barney Charter School Initiative, our curriculum and instruction team is always available to talk to teachers on our affiliated schools. We work with teachers across the country on planning lessons, reviewing textbooks, and creating tests and quizzes. As we speak to classical teachers, a few questions come up again and again. What is bar modeling, and how do I model different types of math problems? What’s the best way to teach my students to annotate their literature books? What kind of homework should I assign to my Latin class?

In our travels to classical schools across the country, we learn a lot from watching excellent teachers on the ground. Our latest video project captures the answers to some common questions, and some great ideas from master teachers so that schools across our network can benefit from them throughout the year.

Here’s a look behind the scenes at Hillsdale Academy, where we filmed last week.

Nicholis Wagner shows how to use bar modeling to solve word problems quickly and effectively.
Jordan Adams teaches you how to plan a history lesson, step by step.