A Visit to Atlanta Classical Academy

This week we visited Atlanta Classical Academy, an affiliate of the Barney Charter School Initiative.  Founded in 2014, ACA serves 680 students in grades K through 12 and has a waiting list of hundreds more. It’s a rigorous classical school where students from all across Atlanta come together with talented teachers to study the liberal arts and sciences. Some beautiful things are happening there.

Here’s a glimpse inside the walls of Atlanta Classical Academy.

We arrived on the day of the school’s Martin Luther King Day celebration, and the faculty and staff had put together two assemblies for younger and older students to teach them about the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In the elementary school, students heard presentations from their teachers about Dr. King’s biography and how the school virtues could be seen in his life. When the older students arrived, there was a talk by Mr. Nugent on the history of the Civil Rights movement and a performance by the choir. The whole event was beautifully done.

Throughout the day we visited classrooms, touring the school with Principal Mr. Knowles and meeting with teachers. Atlanta Classical Academy is well on its way to excellence, and it’s a great school to visit if you are curious about classical education.

Thank you, ACA teachers and staff for your hospitality during our visit! It was a pleasure to watch you at work.