Backstage in the Hillsdale College Film Studio

Well, Founders community (and perhaps others!), I am now about a month into my new job here at Hillsdale College. As the Assistant Provost of K-12 Education, I’m in charge of the College’s K-12 education initiatives, including the Barney Initiative, which has been such an important partner for the Founders community for so long.

This week we are filming a series of videos for schools to use during teacher orientation in just a few weeks. Did you know that in the basement of one of the buildings here there is an entire studio, full of props and filming equipment? I thought you’d enjoy a look behind the scenes.

Off to the side of the set, a bunch of props to choose from.
A whole room backstage full of equipment.
Here we are last week staging the set for our new series of teacher orientation videos. What do you think of the layout?
Amelia Lawson and Eric Coykendall from the Barney Charter School Initiative staging the bookcase.
Bookcase completed! See those small busts of the Founders?
These ones?
They’re actually Avon aftershave bottles from the 1970s. Pop the heads off and the aftershave is still in there.
Setting up the shot.
This morning we started filming, beginning with Ms. Becky Holland’s videos on classroom management and how to deliver a great science lesson. Here we are in the studio watching the filming.

Teachers and school leaders, stay tuned for the full suite of videos, available next week! We hope they are helpful as you begin the new school year.

More updates from Hillsdale still to come!

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