How We Spent the Seniors’ Last Week at School

Last week was our chance to say goodbye to the class of 2019. In the coming days I’ll be publishing the words our Valedictorian and Salutatorian spoke at graduation (they did beautifully), but in the meantime I thought you’d like to see how we celebrated these extraordinary students in their final days at Founders.

Throughout the week we held extracurricular classes for the seniors. This is a tradition that’s been gradually developing over the last few years. After the graduating class finishes final exams but before commencement, they come to campus to learn from our teachers about things not usually taught in school. This year there were classes on personal finance, how to dress for a job interview, and how to manage your to-do lists in college. Mme. Kothari taught the seniors how to make crepes (a class otherwise known as “How to Impress Your College Roommate with Eggs, Flour, and Milk”), and Mr. Berndt, head of our science department, did a lesson on the science of cooking. It was a great way for the students to spend time together in preparation for their big graduation day.

Seniors make crepes with Mme. Kothari. They were delicious—and so easy!
Remember that handprint art your kids brought home after preschool? Well, thanks to Mrs. Panzica, the seniors brought something similar home to their parents.

On Wednesday we celebrated the Class of 2019 at an All-School Assembly. Each senior came up to the front of the whole school individually, and we celebrated the completion of their senior theses, their college acceptances, and their service to the Founders community before presenting the subject awards, the Aristotle Award, and the Socrates Award. I will never get tired of seeing our Kindergarten, first, and second graders lean into the aisle to high five the big kids as they come down the center aisle.

At the end of the assembly our Valedictorian and Salutatorian were named and the senior class presented its class gift, a beautiful Founders banner to be carried at graduation and on other formal occasions.

This group of students has a particular character: they are spirited, loyal, patriotic, and outgoing. After the assembly, we headed to Mrs. Rariden and Mrs. Russell’s classrooms to present our youngest students with their Founders arrow pins. Worn on the left side of the collar, the arrow pin is for students who have been at Founders since the earliest days. For our Kindergarten students, it is a reminder that they, too, will be seniors someday, and that this senior class wishes them well as they begin their journey.

Our Valedictorian (Cassandra S.) and Salutatorian (Ava N.) with Mary Ann P. after she received her arrow pin.
Amelia M. talks to the Kindergarten students about the meaning of the arrow pins.
Mary C. presents an arrow pin to one of our Kindergarten students.
Believe it or not, Kindergartener Yohanne beat Eross in arm wrestling more than once!