The Class of 2018 on their First Semester of College

Last Friday was our annual alumni visit day. Students from our first two graduating classes came back to campus to speak to parents and current high schoolers about what college is like. So many of our graduates returned to Founders to spend the day with us–they sat in on classes, ate lunch in the cafeteria, and answered questions from parents about college life before cheering on our basketball teams in the gym that evening.

In the morning, one of our parents asked the students how their Founders education distinguishes them from their peers in college. True to form, the students quickly got into a seminar discussion about the topic. Here’s a snippet from their conversation:

“I live in the honors residential college at Baylor, so I’m with a bunch of really good students. One of my suitemates is pre-med, and she’s very dedicated, always studying for her biology and chemistry classes. But, I think the difference is that as a student who went to Founders I am a little more well rounded.  I don’t think I’m necessarily a better or smarter student than she is, but I do think that even beyond academics I am a little more well rounded because of our focus on the liberal arts and on virtue.” 

“I’m also in the honors college at Texas Tech. All the students there are very diligent, and they study all the time. They’re very hardworking, and Founders has given me a work ethic that has put me among the highest ranking students. Also, as an astrophysics student who has gone to a liberal arts school, I am in a different area than those who started specializing partway through high school. I like that a lot because I can make different types of friends, whether they’re math majors or English majors.”

“Yes–it prevents you from getting suckerpunched, because those kids who specialized in high school, they get blindsided later on. If you spend the last two years of high school only studying math then you get lost when something different comes around.”

“I think what definitely set me apart was discussion. My school, Wheaton College, is really similar to Founders, but it was obvious that none of the other students had done seminar before. They were very cautious, and they didn’t want to say anything specific because they’d hurt people’s feelings by disagreeing with them. It was a good experience, because if you know me, I’m not usually the person who leads seminar. But in college I’m the only one who knows how to do it so I became the leader.”

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