Parental Involvement at Founders Classical Academy

Dear Founders Families,

We are nearing the end of the first quarter, and the school is thriving. Thank you, devoted parents, for your support at home and above all for entrusting us with your students. Being with them each day is a real joy.

As we finish up this first quarter of our fifth year (only the 17th quarter ever in the history of the school!) I thought you might enjoy some information about how Founders Classical Academy communicates with parents and how you can support your students at home. Please take a look at the FAQs below for some valuable information, and some photos of our students learning and playing at school this week.

Every time I walk out to recess with a camera, this is what happens. Beautiful girls!

What does being a parent at Founders Classical Academy involve?

You’ve made the courageous choice to take an active role in your child’s education and choose the school where your child will be educated rather than waiting to be zoned to the public school down the street. Thank you! We know that you’re placing a lot of trust in us, and we will strive to serve your family well.

Here are some things you can do to help your child at home: 

  1. Get involved and learn more about the school and classical education by becoming familiar with our website. There’s a lot of information there about the curriculum and resources to help parents in the evenings. If you have suggestions about how we can make the website more helpful to you, send us a note! 
  2. Attend regular parent nights throughout the year. They’re all listed on the public calendar on the school website, and we’ll add more as the year progresses. Make it a date night (don’t laugh!) and join us for a talk on classical education, one aspect of the curriculum, or one of the regular on-campus lectures from our friends at The Austin Institute. Attending evening events will connect you with Founders families and give you more information about the life of our school.
  3. Come and observe a class! Make an appointment with the office and observe our talented teachers in action.  Just give us a day’s notice. I observe classes every day and it’s one of the best parts of my job. Our faculty are what make this place special and you can always stop by to see something really fascinating happening in any classroom. Come and see for yourself!
Students in first grade practice reading skills.

How should I communicate with the school?

The other piece of sending your child to Founders Classical Academy is good communication with the teachers and the school in general. Here’s what that entails:

Check the Archers in Action parent newsletter weekly. This newsletter is your one-stop shop for all information about what’s going on during the year.

Communicate responsibly. Whether seeking out information about the school or providing information about the school, please be kind, thoughtful, and careful with your words. Stick to email with school staff, JupiterEd, and the phone when communicating with teachers, and please be responsible when you talk with other parents. Generally speaking, social media is not the way to get things done well!

Email or call the school. If something seems wrong or doesn’t make sense, please ask! It’s our job to provide you with the information you need to support your child. Please give us the opportunity to do the right thing by telling us when we need to improve! No one is perfect, but we can strive for it.

9th grade boys enjoying a break after lunch.

How will the school communicate with me throughout the year?

It’s important to us that we keep you up to date on your child’s academic progress and what’s happening at school. We do this in a variety of ways:

  1. JupiterEd. We use Jupiter to track student grades, send messages to students and parents, record disciplinary issues, and in the upper school, award house points. Each parent and student has a Jupiter login that allows you to track your child’s progress. There are a few things we don’t do in Jupiter – we don’t use it to create a calendar of assignments for your child, because we want students to take responsibility for their own assignments by using the planner. Disciplinary information that appears in Jupiter is for the school and the families.
  2. Conferences. After the first and third quarters, we hold parent-teacher conferences for all students, K-12. Conference day is coming up on Friday, October 19. Please mark your calendars! Teachers will be available from 9:00am – 3:00pm, and we are available by appointment if you would like to discuss your student outside those hours or on a different day.
  3. Detailed report card comments. After the second and fourth quarters, we provide parents and students with detailed report card comments that highlight each students strengths and areas for improvements. We do this so that parents have an accurate understanding of their child’s progress.

    Getting ready for phonics in Mrs. Russell’s Kindergarten class.

What if I want to help the school?

Well, thank you! That is so kind. Having a successful school requires four things: energy, talent, time, and treasure. We have a lot of energy and a lot of talent, but we need help when it comes to time and treasure. If you want to help, here’s how:

  • Give the gift of time. Volunteer to serve the school either on campus or from home. Get started here. 
  • Make a donation. Your donation supports our talented teachers, without whom this rigorous classical education wouldn’t be possible. Donate here.

Thank you, parents, for your support in our fifth anniversary year. It’s shaping up to be our best year yet.


Dr. Kathleen O’Toole

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