FAQs from Curriculum Nights 2018

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Thank you, Founders  families, for joining us at our Grammar and Upper School Curriculum Nights last month. Spending some time with you as the school year is beginning is a real pleasure for us, and we think there’s no better way to get our students started on the right foot.

I thought it would be helpful to publish some of the things we talked about this year, and to share a copy of my presentations from both nights.

Dr. O’Toole’s Presentation from Grammar School Curriculum Night 2018

Dr. O’Toole’s Presentation from Upper School Curriculum Night 2018

Here’s the information again, in handy question and answer format!

  1. What makes Founders Classical Academy different?

First, and most importantly, we are a classical school. Founded in 2014, we have remained and will always remain faithful to our mission: to train the minds and improve the hearts of young men and women through a rigorous, classical education in the liberal arts and sciences, with instruction in good character and civic virtue.

Beyond that, we are a charter school–a public school that is tuition-free and subject to many of the same requirements as the public school down the street, but which offers a specific type of education to its students. There are charter schools for all types of students, and ours is for students who are looking for a classical liberal arts education and a return to the tried and true methods of education that used to be commonplace in American public education but are now increasingly rare.

2. What is the Barney Charter School Initiative?

Our school is part of a network of classical schools across the country that are affiliated with Hillsdale College. Hillsdale has an outreach program called the Barney Charter School Initiative, and through that program they help schools like ours get started, establish a healthy school culture, and hire the educated faculty who are capable of providing a classical education to our students. Hillsdale doesn’t own our school or fund it; instead, it provides support and teacher training for the sake of improving American public education. Learn more about Hillsdale’s Barney Charter School Initiative here. 

3. What is Responsive Ed?

Responsive Ed is our charter management organization. Headquartered in Lewisville, Texas, ResponsiveEd owns and operates our school and over 70 others in Texas and Arkansas. Some of these schools are Founders Classical Academies like us, and some of them are designed to meet other needs in the community.  Learn more about ResponsiveEd here. 

4. Can you give me a visual representation of the relationship between Hillsdale and ResponsiveEd?

Yes! Here you go:

Upper School Curriculum Night 2018

4.  What will my child be learning this year?

Good question. We have a lot of information for you about that. If you would like a high level overview of the entire curriculum, please click here, or take a look at the image below. 

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If you would like to see the Kindergarten-5th grade curriculum in closer detail, please click here.

And, since the curriculum in a K-12 school is carefully designed to be cohesive across all of the grades, please take a look at the college prep, advanced middle and high school curriculum your grammar school students will be ready for when they get a little older.

5. That’s still not enough information. I want to see what my child will be learning in each month this coming year.

Here you go!  All of that information is readily available on the school website. We provide curriculum maps for each grammar school grade and a syllabus for each upper school class, K-12. Take a look!