Welcome back, Archers!

How we spent the first two days of school.

The first days of school have been so smooth, and it’s wonderful to see our students back on campus. Working in a school without any students in it is a strange thing, and after a productive summer I have loved welcoming our new Kindergarteners and seeing our returning students greet their teachers with enthusiasm. We’re done with the preparation and back to the really important stuff.

This year, we decided to celebrate the end of our short summer by easing back into the academic schedule slowly. Rather than begin classes on a Thursday, our upper school students spent a couple of days getting to know new students, talking about the year to come, and having some fun. Here’s a look at what we did:


Through the house system, our upper school (7th-12th graders) students are paired with grammar schoolers (Kindergarten-6th graders). On World History day in the fall, they teach each other about ancient times, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance, and a few times a year they write letters to each other. One of the best things about being a K-12 school is seeing how the curriculum builds upon itself from year to year, and spending time with the upper schoolers gives our grammar school students a firsthand look at everything they’ll be learning in the years to come.


We welcomed our new upper school students by sorting them into their houses, and then they spent time getting to know each other with games like the human knot and an egg drop competition led by Mr. Baker and Mr. Utheim. Mr. Utheim designed a different vessel for each group of students throughout the day, and by the end he had come up with something that looked like a cross between a helicopter and a dandelion. It worked!


Students spent Thursday with their houses and Friday with their grades. The morning started off with a dodgeball competition organized by Mr. McClallen, and then in the afternoon students attended a shortened version of their classes to get used to their new schedules.


We’re about to embark on some important work this year, and spending the first couple of days getting to know each other will help us do it together. Arrows up, Archers!