What’s with the arrows and the bubbles?

Explaining things to very young Kindergarteners requires a special talent. I learned from Mrs. Rariden that when you are talking to five year olds, rather than saying "please have a seat," you have to say "please make sure your bottom is on the chair, your feet are on the ground, and your head is facing… Continue reading What’s with the arrows and the bubbles?

Learning Cursive in 2nd Grade

While I was visiting classrooms a couple of weeks ago, I got to see our second graders learning cursive handwriting with Mrs. Horton and Ms. Sowell. They were working on capital letters and sentences from their literature and history studies. Handwriting practice is an essential part of our students' elementary education in K-2, and after… Continue reading Learning Cursive in 2nd Grade

Singing the National Anthem at All-School Assembly

Once a month all of our students and teachers gather in the gym for an all-school assembly. We often enjoy a performance, recognize students' achievements, or discuss our school virtues. No matter what we're doing in all school assembly, we always begin the same way: with pledges to the American flag and the Texas flag… Continue reading Singing the National Anthem at All-School Assembly