Mathletes Sweep TCSAAL Math Olympiad

Last year, we sent one team of four high school students to compete in the TCSAAL math olympiad. They won regionals and state. They had the idea that wearing colorful bowties would intimidate the competition.


I guess they were right. After securing the victory, they posed as Archers for their victory shot, with their coach Mr. Starc (aka Starculus).


This year, we organized four teams of four middle and high school students to participate in the TCSAAL math olympiad. Last week they drove to San Antonio to compete in the regional competition. Here they are in their bowties before the drive. Did you know that Mr. Starc’s bowtie is made of wood?


One of the teams, aiming high and seeking to repeat the success of our first team, named itself the legacy team. Along with original team members Christian and David,  Cassie followed in Natasha’s footsteps, and Ambrose took the spot of his brother Basil. It took two people to get Ambrose’s bowtie right.


But, eventually, it was straight.


This team, the legacy team, won the regionals! And they posed as Archers with Starculus just like their predecessors.


The next high school team took second place, and the other high school team took third. We swept the competition! With the middle school team, all of our athletes are advancing to the state competition in Austin on January 27th.

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