Introduction to the Barney Charter School Initiative

Since the first days of our school, the Barney Charter School Initiative has played an instrumental role in the formation of our students and teachers. An outreach program of Hillsdale College, the BCSI helps schools like ours educate young men and women for lives of citizenship and independence. Every summer our teachers attend training in Michigan with 17 other schools like ours, and throughout the school year the BCSI team visits schools to observe classes and provide training and advice. Learn about how our latest visit went here. 

This video features three of our sister schools: Savannah Classical Academy in Georgia, Pineapple Cove Classical Academy in Florida, and Golden View Classical Academy in Colorado. A look inside these young charters is a testament to the good things happening in schools like ours across the country, and reminder to our students that they are not alone in doing hard things in the service of the good, the true, and the beautiful.

3 thoughts on “Introduction to the Barney Charter School Initiative”

  1. Where can I find information regarding the cost of homeschooling tuition for k12 schooling?

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